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I needed to make a rack to fit in the top drawer of an Ammo Cabinet to hold pistol magazines. I want to use a series of half lap joints to form the pockets of this grid, so there was a fair amount of planning that must be done to insure proper fit in the drawer and the magazines.

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I start the layout by making a pair of story poles. One is cut the width of the inside of the drawer, the other the inside distance front to rear. On these sticks I mark the placements for the cross pieces. Now that I know the size and the length of the stock i need along with how many parts of each, I can turn my attention to milling the stock to the proper height width and length. 
I also cut a few extras pieces to help me to set up the dado blades for the proper thickness. They also help me set the height of the blade. It's important that the tops of my pieces are all flush! 
I use the story pole to set up my table saw sled. The pole tells me where each dado should be. Set the stop on the sled and your work piece will come out in the same place. Remember there are two story poles, and two groups of wood. Each group has a different spacing pattern, so I do my best to keep them from getting mixed up!
My "Dubby" table saw sled has it's own stop, but it's not wide enough to line up all these pieces. Instead I clamp a "Speed Square" to the fence. I also clamp the bundle to the fence, safety first!
I "ganged" the 20 shorter parts together in bundles of five, and wrapped the end with tape to keep then flush with each other. Then I cut the first dado in each bundle.
After the first dado is cut, I remove the tape and slip a piece of stock in the dado (second bundle in the pic at left) then rewrap with tape. 
Out comes the story pole again to line up the second dado, and then make that second cut in all these bundles. The little piece of wood in the first dado keeps the stock rigid thru all the handling, and when complete, all the dados will line up perfectly. There is little room for error here.
I continue using the story pole and making more dados until too much of my stock is hanging off the sled. It's time to turn things around!
I flip the story pole end for end (as well as my bundles) and continue marking and cutting. You'll notice in the pic at left that the tape is on the other end  now. 
After I finish these bundles, I do the long pieces in the same manor...
...until I have a pile of parts!

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The dry fit is perfect and square! For the glueup I use a slow set epoxy so any glue drips will blend in with the finish. When the glue dries I sand any imperfections in height with my 5" random orbit sander.
Finally I ease all the inside edges with a 1/8" round over bit. Touch up sanding by hand, and then finish with a spray poly in a can, sanding lightly between coats.
Rockler Dovetail Jig Combo with Half Blind and Through Dovetail Jig Templates
Combo package includes our exclusive dovetail jig and two templates to cut half blind and through dovetails. The new and improved jig has larger knobs for easy adjustment, and an innovative one-piece stop to simplify set-up. Includes three carbide-tipped bits (1/2" x 14º dovetail, 1/2" x 8º dovetail, 5/16" straight) and a template guide bushing everything needed to cut half blind or through dovetails. Rockler Dovetail Jig Video Demonstration Hi-Speed Internet (12.11 MB) Dial-Up (4.85 MB)  
Rockler Dovetail Jig Combo with Half Blind and Through Dovetail Jig Templates
Rockler Dovetail Jig Combo with Half Blind and Through Dovetail Jig Templates
Back to the drawer this grid fits into!

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